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Ibiza Workers Apartments


Ibiza Workers Apartments 2014.
Not all of these are in workers blocks, most are private rentals.

Ibiza Workers Apartments is the website for all you Ibiza people who are looking for long term accommodation.
Check out all of our Ibiza properties to rent and contact us when you find one that suits your requirements.


  • Find Apartments for you and your friends to share
  • Find rooms available in other peoples apartments.
  • Offer a bed or room in your apartment, house or villa.
  • Rent your apartment to incoming workers.
  • Flexible search -- Browse properties according to a definable criteria.
  • Configurable search forms and fields -- All search forms and fields included in Ibiza workers Apartments are completely definable to meet any needs.

Ibiza Workers Apartments are a trusted company. We have 12 years experience in Ibiza. All apartments require a deposit equal to one months rent, plus one months rent in advance. You will be given a legal contract with all apartment rentals.

All apartments are based on a minimum 5 Months rental period. For shorter periods it will be more expensive.

Ibiza Information

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Featured Listings: